ICOLD 2021

Symposium Theme 3: Innovative solutions in reservoir use

Nov 16, 2021 | 12:30 PM - 1:55 PM


Co-Chairs: Aries Firman & Jean-Pierre Person 13.30-13.45: Integrating a dam on a territory with multiple reservoirs (Özge Türk) 13.45-14.00: Study on the Koshibu Dam sediment bypass tunnels operation based on sediment transport monitoring in upstream reaches (Takahiro Koshiba) 14.00-14.15: Pwalugu Multipurpose Dam Project: story of a major collaborative project (Oriane Cornille) 14.15-14.30: Surveillance of the banks of reservoirs on the Drava River in Slovenia after extensive floods (Pavel Zvanut) 14.30-14.50 : Questions & Discussions 14.50-14.55 : Short synthesis Theme 3

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